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CANCER, COVID and IVERMECTIN - by: Kirby Lewis

I was diagnosed with COVID on January 3, 2021 on top of currently having stage four metastatic breast cancer. Having a highly compromised immune system, type 2 diabetes, cancer cells running rampant all over the body and a highly infectious and lethal disorder like the coronavirus to boot- is probably the worst of all worlds.  Altogether, it just knocked me out!

I was admitted several times in a matter of days - first due to a high temperature three days before the January surge and the second because of a highly erratic drop of my glucose levels. Normally it goes the other direction but this strange drop was an alarming 85, then soon after became 75, then 65.  The usual intake of orange juice, peanut butter, chocolate and glucose tablets to raise my glucose levels was not working this time. Within hours, my readings continued to plummet to a daunting 35 which meant a trip back to the hospital. It was then that several tests confirmed that I was positive for Covid-19.

Damn! It really just knocked me off my socks. I could not believe this because I had no symptoms- like the tightness of the chest, the difficulty breathing, the diarrhea or the aches and pains that I read about. I had none of that.  It was then that I realized that Covid is even more INSIDIOUS for someone like me-  one who has a compromised immune system from diabetes and cancer, making the infection process that much more lethal.

It took a bit of time before they got my glucose to an acceptable level, but I was nowhere out of the danger zone.  They were discussing my options and being INTUBATED was one of them- and one that I was adamant against. 

Behind the scenes, my wife Mary Ann was getting a battery of calls from Lennard (Gettz) from NYCRA and Cheri (Ambrose) from the MBCC who brought in Covid-19 expert Dr. Pierre Kory from FLCCC who fast tracked me a prescription for a drug called Ivermectin, something I never heard of before. Mary Ann snuck it under the wire to my bedside for both of us to take. Out of the eight days in the hospital, three days were spent in ICU. I really anticipated when they moved me over to ICU, that things were going to get worse because of the fact that I had stage four cancer.  I heard so many horror stories about people that have these malingering diseases that they don't  do well with Covid. 

As I continued to secretly receive Ivermectin doses (at the guidance of my trusted medical friends) alongside the hospital's antibiotics treatment, I recall hearing stories about families smuggling Ivermectin in Twinkies and other pastries in Covid care units.  This gave me both a chuckle and a calming reassurance that Dr. Kory's 'hook up' script would add to my hope for overcoming "the perfect storm" that I am facing.  As it turns out, eight days into my medical care and the infectious disease doctor came with a surprising announcement that "I had NO SIGNS OF COVID AT ALL!"  To my relief, if I had a Saint or God watching over me... or perhaps I actually had nine lives, I'm one of the people that actually got to walk away from this.

Looking back, I thought if I'd gotten on this Ivermectin earlier, maybe I wouldn't have had anything like this at all. Maybe I would've never even contracted Covid. I declined Dr. Lee's suggestion to keep taking the antibiotics.  Not only did I feel no sense in continuing antibiotics, but be both accepted me getting discharged.

My wife got along really well with the Ivermectin. Because she had been around me, she also tested positive for COVID but she never got admitted to the hospital or anything. Her symptoms did not warrant that even though she was diagnosed the day after I was.  We are very blessed probably more deserving than we should be. But we persevered and we're here to tell you this story is as brief as it is during the pandemic.

"Given the unclear efficacy in cancer patients who are under treatment that are often immunosuppressive medication, the vaccine's efficacy is clearly unknown and probably insufficient in a proportion of patients with cancer patients. Therefore for protection against COVID, Ivermectin is a really safe and easily available alternative. So that would be one plus for the cancer patient. Another factor is obviously the significant comorbidity. If they were to get COVID, you want it to be effective early treatment- that goes for all disorders. Since time is of the essence, especially a cancer patient, you want to have an aggressive early treatment. You'd want to have an all a safe, alternative that's effective to protect you." - Pierre Kory, MD (see complete audio/video interview)

* For additional information on IVERMECTIN, visit: the following sources:
 NIH: National Institutes of Health 
 The Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance


“Cancer does not discriminate... and men can get breast cancer by the hundreds each day!" More and more doctors and survivors agree that being "cancer free" does not necessarily mean we are truly ever out of the woods. Some even rename this as "Free FOR NOW". 

Why Kirby's Experience is a Real MIRACLE Story!
by: Debbie Falborn, RN (aka The Chaga Lady) 

For people with metastatic cancer, they're most commonly immunosuppressed from serious chemo treatments.  This means anything that they're exposed to can potentially make them very sick if their white cell counts are low from the chemo. They don't have those fighters gathering up all the viruses and bacteria and getting rid of them like a healthy person would.  Now if this person gets COVID, it can be deadly because their bodies are unable to build a response to it-- to fight it off with a good outcome.  Now top this with the complication of the hard rise and fall of his blood sugar that cancer directly feeds off of. This is what makes Kirby's story being stage four and diabetic such a miracle; his highly challenging condition was treated with this drug and turned his condition around to a full recovery! 
Like this one beautiful man that needed this treatment to save his life, this information is priceless for so many others who are suffering this way.  The fact that he continues to do better and his wife got better says this Ivermectin should really be studied and it should be studied hard.

I understand Ivermectin is more recognized abroad, and case studies are done (blind and double blind) with Hydroxychloroquine + a placebo + Ivermectin in the US showing that it does prevent the spread of COVID-- however, it has not been approved by the FDA. It is used as a anti-parasitic, because it prevents and actually encourages the body to get rid of parasites. It shows promise in the studies that are being done. 

NYCRA Editorial Staff

Our divided world can agree to the vast (and possibly conflicting) information out there offering to explain the Covid arena's medical backdrop.  From death toll and infection rates to recommended protocols for prevention, prophylaxis and treatment, getting it right is a responsibility framed by referencing QUANTIFIABLE data.  

In a 2021 seminar on cancer imaging at the Integrative Cancer Powermeet conference, Dr. Robert Bard presented the advantages of modern medical imaging to support optimum data collecting as part of what he considered "undisputable" intelligence when it comes to scanning a patient's physiology.  Medical imaging offers the age-old values that greatly support the medical diagnostic and detective work process: "pictures can tell a thousand words, what you see it what you get and images don't lie".  He identified the fundamental tracking of statistics like blood flow, spectral based parameters, muscular attenuation and the many other levels of data-mining that a scan can extract diagnostic and analytical information about the patient. [See Statistical Methods report by Dr. Martino Alessandrini and Prof. Guido Masetti].  Technologies like the 3D Ultrasound, the fNIRS, fMRI and other non-invasive tools help 'the detective' get many new readings that aid in the delivery of conclusive evidence.

The medical and patient communities both can challenge any data to be skewed or be flat-out wrong. But it is time as the audience of the pandemic information jungle to embrace the paramount responsibility of the clinical agencies who present these report to confirm not just the source or the peer-based reviews, but also recommend how the outputs of their fields of study should be referenced (and applied).  Hence, as we are still in the thick of the pandemic moment constantly writing history as we are living it, we must assess any current reports with an open mind much the same way a detective in a crime scene would.  This open mind must be driven by discernment and a grasp on reality that there are (yet) other possibilities that may be available that can challenge, reverse or support any conclusion driven by a prior evaluation- such that the open mind might want to take yesterday's data to be based on "what we can prove vs. what we know SO FAR". 


"Statements about IVERMECTIN like Kirby's story and Dr. Kory's articles comes from that life-or-death end of  the ICU where most of the patients are extremely critical and there's not that many interventions that would make much of a difference.  Both patients and ICU experts have a short window with disorders like Covid- such that they recognize what works right.  Let it be for prevention or treatment, finding a drug that can save lives without risk or injury is what we all strive for in this pandemic- and Kirby's story is so vital to getting everyone to listen to exploring this solution and others that are out there.  I personally don't know how the vaccine is going to pan out down the line, but we need to look at ALL options!"

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